Realistic Work

Heavenly Ground
Arboreal Prism
Sundown by the Old Shed
Golden Grove
Curlo's Ridge
Splendor by the Field
Humble Textures
Dried Parsley
Tanzanian Boat
Evening Falls
The Stare
Hill Country Road
Gossamer at Dawn
Afternoon Slope
Fuji in the Afternoon
New Braunfels (No. 1)
Calm Man
Fuji in Speing
Bosky River
Dried Rosemary
Soft Sunrise Seascape
Garden Visit
Bella's Walk
Young Love
Dancing Oaks
Wise Eye
January Foliage Trompe l'eoil
Evening Cove
Dessicated Roses
Virginian Hills
Roadside Cover
Three-leaf Trompe l'oeil
Maple House
Texas Lantern
Afternoon Pond Surface
Secluded Hill Country Sunset
Cloudy Coastline
Conglomerate Creature
Tanzanian Road
January Foliage
Cobalt Mountaintop
Jewel-toned Owl
Curved Trio
Seashell Trompe 'loeil
Sienna Winter
Tanzanian Camp
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